Oregon Cannabis  Seeds

Oregon is ground zero for many famous strains


Oregon Cannabis Seeds were found in pounds grown then shipped around.

I would bet these bag seeds were better than anyone had access to at the time.

Oregon has a wild west history when it comes to cannabis cultivation.  

Stories of strains that are world famous household names have originated in Oregon.  Folk lore abounds in the Pacific Northwest.  

Oregon is Different

Different is good for Cannabis Breeding.

The Pacific Northwest in general has always had an adventurous and outlaw culture.  

The mountainous terrain makes a lot of secretive enclaves.  

There have been numerous cults and movements started in Oregon.  

The Portland, OR moto is "keep Portland weird" so this  area has been open to different things including preserve ring elite genetics making Oregon cannabis seeds the best i have found so far.   

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Famous Clone Only Elite Genetics

If you have ever smoked elite strains before you will notice there is a huge difference between the famous names and the Mexican Brick weed you grow up with in the south.  Moving to Oregon 20 years ago was a tolerance shock that I am still adjusting too.  


This strain may not be well known to the cannabis community but when we called it marijuana this strain was a legend that no one knew about.  The Pot Cast Pod Cast has the best History i have found to date.  The main theme of this cannabis podcast is to investigate the history of famous strains that are the Parents of modern day Cannabis . 


ChEM dog is dog bud

Dog Bud is a little know strain that is now extinct.  Little is know about the Dog Bud except that it is from Oregon and is the mother of Chem Dog.  It is said that a dozen or so seeds were found in a bag of what is now known as Dog Bud.  These were grown out by the Amazing Gentleman named Chem Dog (HENCE THE NAME).  There are 4 or 5 amazing strains that came from this all with CHEM or DOG in the name.

“It’s amazing that the Chem Dog strains have been preserved all these years. When I first saw the Dogbud in 1991, I could not believe what I was seeing—I’m so glad Chem found those seeds and did what he did with them. And it was never ‘Chem Dawg’—it’s always been ‘Chem Dog.’ 


Oregon Bred Dog Walker OG 

Dog Walker OG is a cross between Albert Walker OG and Chem Dog 91.  This strain was made popular due to its Potency and Aroma/Taste.  The strain became infamous due to the creator and his group of friends deciding to hype this strain but keep it very rare.  The clone was rarely shared as the group was trying to create an Oregon Elite to compare with the likes of the Elite clones coming out of California at the time.  


RARENess equals hype

The Dog walker is a great strain, although there are plenty of strains that can compete.  This strains greatness comes from its scarcity and the fact Albert Walker OG and Chem Dog 91 are basically impossible to come across.  I am lucky I live in Oregon!

Oregon Marijuana Seeds Buying Info

Wasting 3 months growing crap seeds!!!  This is what I have found when I did not choose my seed purchase correctly.  I have found that the seeds I purchased from Oregon strains were always the real deal and I never felt dissapointed.

There a a few pitfalls to avoid when purchasing seeds from a cannabis seed bank.

 I will try to give a few secret tips that not too many people know.

 Do not waste your time, please follow these easy tips.

  • check
    Check Social Media for a presence of an actual person that does the breeding.
  • Beware of Polyhybrids.  Most Breeders do not have originals only seeds of bag seeds
  • Buy seeds from Elite Clones only!! You only get 10 seeds so pick something proven.
  • Dont fall trap to the viral instagram strain of the month.
  •  These viral instagram seeds might be amazing or they might be crap. 
  •  Take a bunch of colors and mix them together and you get black.
  • Strain#1 x Strain#2 x Strain#3 polyhybrids are for hunting something new.  
  • Do not grow your first seed from a polyhybrid.  You need to eliminate the seed variable.  
  • There is a good chance these Mix up of genes create average. We dont want average.
  • Only buy  a company's seeds if you can contact the actual breeder for information.
  • Most of the first page of google for Cannabis Seeds mass produce seeds through 3rd parties.
  • Older Elite Clones have stronger breeding genetics so you get a better representation.
  • Overseas Seed Banks are no longer the place to get seeds.  
  • Oregon has the some of the best cannabis seeds. Always have always will.
  •  I would like you to buy from me but most Oregon Seed banks are legitimate.

You will not find many seed companies giving out these secrets.

 Seed Companies now days are all about hype.  

They have to be because their livelihood and future earnings are driven by what is hot and what will sell so they can stay afloat.


We have real passion here at seedsnstains so making elite genetics available is the goal.


Real growers making elite strains into seed form .  

No BS marketing. Well maybe a little.

Want to Buy Oregon Seeds

cannabis seeds oregon

The way the Government treats Cannabis makes it impossible for normal payment methods.  

Everyone is worried about spam, viruses, idenity theft, etc.  

We must use Email because:

  • Banks consider seeds high risk
  • Automatic Card processing has high charge back rates with cannabis
  • Weed is still federally illegal, so banks cant insure loss with the FDIC.
  • Email gives you access to the breeder and special ordering considerations.
  • Discreet payment and shipping arrangements can easily be coordinated.
  • Only Overseas payment processors will allow cannabis for click to pay immediately.
  • Overseas payment processing requires a call to your credit card company for fraud release.
  • JUST EMAIL US.  You will officially be a friend of mine after this transaction.     

Want Oregon Genetics.   Email Me Here

What You Should Have Learned

  • Most Breeders sale Polyhybrids.

  • Polyhbrids are like playing the lottery.

  • New flavors and elite clones come from searching through countless Polyhybrids. Or Luck.

  • Clone only elite one name only mothers give you the best chance for first time success.

  • Big seed companies do not make their own seeds.  What are you actually getting?

  • Oregon has The best cannabis seeds.

  • My seeds come from World Famous old School genetics and are guaranteed.  Oregon Stock

  • Most Oregon Seed Banks have the real deal.  Oregon is ground zero so why cheat.

  • If you made it this far then click the button below to see all the trusted strains i would buy seeds of.  
  • You only have some many crops you can grow in a lifetime, do not waste one single grow on untested crap.  

  • Buy from a smaller Seed Company and you will see the results.  

  • There is no chain of custody or quality control with these bigger seed banks oversees.  

  • Stick with Oregon Weed Seeds!!!

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