No Till Soil Recipe

how to make your own organic soil

DIY Soil Building List Of Ingredients

  1. Peat Moss
  2. Compost
  3. Pumice Stone
  4. Neem Seed Meal 1/3
  5. Crustacean Meal 1/3
  6. Kelp Meal 1/3
  7. 1 part Oyster Shell Flour
  8. 1 part Gypsum
  9. 1 part rock dust azomite
  10. Big Tarp


Soil food web, Organic Vs Synthetic, Bag soil Vs Real Soil

Start with a plan. Lets take this step by step!

Full Of Beneficial Bacteria

  • Studies have show the peat bogs are growing faster than we can harvest.
  • Holds moisture and air longer.
  • Lambert peat and the Peat from Home Depot is surprisingly good.
  • More Natural bacteria than Coco. Coco can be mixed here but you need to check the quality of your coco very well.  Coco can be full of salt.  It is grown near the ocean.
  • Sphagnum Peat Moss is not processed so is more natural and does not lose its bacteria like coconut husks do
  • Peat is harder to get wet again after is has dried.  That is the only Con.

Good Organic Compost Is the Secret

  • Organic Compost has the secret sauce mixture of Bacteria, Protozoa, Beneficial Bugs and many other wonders that I could fill a page with.
  • Oly Fish Compost is full of beneficial insects and bacteria and is recommended as one of the best composts.
  • Malibu Blu Bio dynamic is also highly recommended.

Volcanic Pumice Stones For Aeration

  • The roots and soil food web love oxygen as much as we do.
  • Rice Hulls are good here also.
  • Please Stay Away from Vermiculite and the other white dust devil know as perlite.

Organic Amendments for Fertility

  • We have to make our soil alive.  We need to feed the soil food web so it can in turn feed our plant roots.
  • I Have found any well know pre-mixed soil ammendments will work.  They all consist of seed meals such as bone meal,  feather meal and other cheap industry byproducts.

The best 3 ingredient combination

  • Neem Seed Meal 1/3
  • Crustacean Meal 1/3
  • Kelp Meal 1/3

Mineral and Ph Ammendments

Our DIY soil needs to have minerals added in to replicate the natural decay of rocks that happens when real soil is made.

Millions of years of erosion from wind and water made our soils and plants evolved to use these minerals at just the right Soil PH range.

To get to a perfect soil equilibrium with PH and mineral balance we need a few ingredients.

  • 1 part Oyster Shell Flour
  • 1 part Gypsum
  • 1 part rock dust azomite

We need to add food to our mix in the way of various seed meals and rock dust for minerals

There are minerals that are taken in by the plant during its life cycle.  We need to add some reserves to make sure we have enough for the vegetative and flowering stage.   We use different forms of calcium, Magnesium, and Sulfur.

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