How Long Do Marijuana Seeds Last

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How Long Do Marijuana Seeds Last

Marijuana Seeds can last over 20 years if stored in the correct environment.  Lets make sure we store seeds for year to come.  Take a look at this checklist.

  • Store your prized weed seeds somewhere cool and dry.
  • Seed store really well in refrigerators and Freezers.  Use what you got!
  • Keep your heirloom seeds dry by vacuum packing, mason jar, Mylar bag. 
  • Obviously you don't want any sunlight hitting the seeds.  Like duh
  • Keep Most of your cannabis seeds sealed in a freezer in vacuum bags..
  • Leave small seed amounts in the Refrigerator to access. 

Do seeds expire

Seeds expire after the inner living cells dry out or rot.  Sometimes they last a few years while there have been reports of seeds lasting over 2o years.  If you read on I will try to help us find out once and for all Do Seeds Go Bad?

Are Seeds Alive

Seeds are Alive just waiting for the perfect conditions to start live.  Seed genetics over millions of years have bred seeds to know just when to start to grow.

One example is of a seed that live 2,000 years.  The Methuselah Tree was aptly named after researchers sprouted this 2 millennia old date Palm in the year 2005. Found in Israel's Herod's Palace it is thought of as the oldest seed every found.

This wasn't a marijuana seed but this goes to show you never give up on a seed

Marijuana Seeds need 2 things to germinate every time:

  1. Water, we want a consistent moisture like a sponge not soaked
  2. Heat, cannabis loves heat, but not too hot. 70-80 degrees is perfect.

Will 20 year old seeds grow

Yes, 20 year old seeds will grow if kept in the proper environment that is suitable for long term storage. 

In my research online, cannabis forums, and asking my old friends about their seed experiences the method the seeds were stored in were the #1 factor in how long the seeds lasted.

I read reports of 5-6 year old seeds that 7 out of the 12 seeds germinated and they were only kept in a pill bottle.

There was even a story of a 30 year old marijuana seed that was stored in a mason jar that germinated.

So there are some 20 year old seeds that have been germinated.  There is also a lot of evidence of these 20 year old cannabis seeds germinating well then not having enough life juice to get going really well.

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